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"I never worry when I bring my dogs to Broadmore Kennels. The facility is immaculate, the dogs are well cared for, and the staff is great."     -Susan, proud owner of Molly and Casey


"Five stars for Broadmore Kennels, but most of all for their owners and employees. Our two large breed dogs love their doggy daycare days! Our German shepherd would not have been as socially adjusted if not for the socialization benefits of the playgroups. They seem to know the days of the week and wake up knowing which days they’re going to daycare. You can't say Pat and Kelly's name around either of them without their sheer excitement at the thought of getting in the car or truck. We have also had our share of need for overnight boarding. Before finding Broadmore Kennels, if family couldn't stay with our pets, we just didn't go. We feel like Pat and Renee and their team are extended family. Thanks so much for treating our family like your own!"     - Linda and Jim O.


“They are the BEST doggy daycare all around! Renee & Pat Lais are so dedicated to making it the best. They are so GREAT!”    - Sharon E.


“Broadmore Kennels was my first choice on where I wanted to offer my dog obedience classes in Kansas City!!! They treat me like family they will do the same for you....There just isn't much more to say than that...”     - Mike D.


“Wonderful staff! Ferris loves going to stay at Broadmore. I love taking him because he comes home and wants to snuggle for a few days. So happy to have found this place!”     - Melinda B.


“My little Bella was there for two nights and she was treated so well. She wasn't shaking when we picked her up, which is a great sign. I was very impressed with the treatment of our little one.”     - Cathy H.T.


“Our dog begs to come here! I know they are taking great care of him while he is there. The staff is great!”

 - Heather W.


“Doesn't matter what I think nearly as much as my Kozmo and he LOVES it!!”     - Lisa P.


"They seemed to have enjoyed themselves and were well taken care of. We were happy that they were able to get a bath before coming home as well, as it made it so much easier on us not to have to give them one ourselves. I am happy with the customer service I received and the care that Lucy and Twister received from you. We don’t travel often, but I’m sure that when we do, you will be on the top of our list for caregivers for our dogs."

     -Larissa - Lucy and Twister’s Mom


“When we go on vacation the last thing we want to worry about is the care of our dogs. We know that when we leave them at Broadmore Kennels our dogs are safe, happy and comfortable with staff that know our dogs, care about them and treat them like their own. I would recommend Broadmore Kennels for vacations or day care. You just won't find a nicer group of people.”      - Deb L


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